Door to Door and Online Survey Prospecting Idea


Financial Planning Survey

Hi, my name is (Name). I am conducting a short 12 question survey to evaluate how people feel about Financial planning for the future. In return for participating in the survey I want to provide you with this free Final Wishes Planning Guide.

Name_________________________ Marital Status________________________________________

1. How often do you think about Death and dying and the importance of planning for the future?____________________________
2. What is the size of you family?___________________________________________ _______
3. Do You Own Cemetery property?_________________________________________ _______
4. How important is planning for the future to you?____________________________________
5. Do you believe an individual can leave their family too much Life Insurance?_____________
6. How Do you feel about door to door sales agents?___________________________________
7. What is your primary choice when purchasing Insurance or Financial products? (Telephone, Office, Door To Door Agent)____________________________________________ _______
8. Do you feel that the purchase of Life Insurance is a wise
, or a waste of money?____________________________________________ ______________________________
9. How confident are you that you have everything in order that if you died today, your children or spouse would know exactly what to do and have final expense funds available within two or three days of your death?____________________________________________ ____________

10.What do you feel is the purpose for Life Insurance?___________________________________

11. On a scale from 1-10 how would you rate your knowledge of Insurance Products?_________________________?

12. If the breadwinner of your home passed away what financial shape would your family be left in?_________________________________

Thanks for taking the time Mr./Mrs. ______ to answer these questions.

Would you mind if I contacted you in a few days to evaluate your current policies and/or offer some free quotes?___________________________________________ _____________________________

Address______________________________________ Age__________________________________
Tobacco_________________________ Current Health Conditions_____________________________
Telephone number___________________________ email:___________________________________



Agent Mike Matos shared this prospecting idea with me and I wanted to share it with all of you.



I'm working on an online version.


Click Here to check it out.


This was very simple to make. On the survey if the prospects says they want an insurance agent to contact them, then they become a lead.

 Here is an example of just one of the leads that I got from this idea.


Matt Rosenthal





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