Organizing Your Personal Affairs Prospecting System

I want to talk about one of our systems that is really working well for agents right now and it does not cost anything to do.

It is our Organizing Your Personal Affairs Prospecting System.

I’ve lost a lot of people that I love to death and I’ve learn the headaches and problems that they face.

I read that over 40% of the people that own life insurance can’t tell you which insurance company they have it with. If they don’t know then how in the world will your loved ones know either?

What good is a will, living will, insurance or $10,000 hid out in the shed if no one knows where to find it or if you have it?

I have a system to fix this problem. It will help them to know which insurance company that you have bought insurance from and how to file a claim. It will also help them locate and use a living will if needed and also tell them if you have a will and which lawyers made it for you.

Let me tell you the difference between the client that has not done an Organizing Your Personal Affairs Kit with me and one that has made one with me.

The first clients dies and knows that the client has an Organizing Your Personal Affairs kit and also knows if it has been lost that Mark Rosenthal also has a copy of it. They start going through the kit and it tells them that the Client has insurance with “ABC INS COMPANY” and it gives them the company’s info and the agent’s info to get the death claim started. Next it tells them if there is a Will and where it is located and who made it. Next it tells them who all should be contacted upon their death along with phone numbers. Next there is a section where the client has written some letters to hand out to certain loved ones to help them grieve. There is also a Living Will inside this kit in case it is needed. The kit even goes into detail on which people he would like to be his pallbearers. The family is finding all the info that they need to take care of everything.

Now let me talk about the person that has not filled out one of these kits.

Bob is a single man and has 1 daughter. The daughter just gets the news that her father has been in a car wreck and her father is on life support. She is not really that close to her father, but loves her father. She rushes to the hospital where she is told that there is a good chance her father is brain dead. She does not know if her father has a living will or what his wishes would be in this case. She also thinks that her father has life insurance but is not sure. She does not know who to call or what to do.

I’m not going to go any further this story. I don’t like to think about what that poor girl is going through and the hell she will go through trying to find everything that she needs. Just think about 1 of the many issues that she is facing. Does he have life ins and with whom? Think about how you would find this answer and how hard it would be. She doesn’t know who to call or who will help her. Her best bet is to go through everything he owns in his home if she has a key to the place.

The client can either make it easy on their family or make it hard. Organizing your personal affairs is a very easy way to help your family take care of the many issues that they will face when you are gone.

Which one do you want your family to go through? Having one of these or not having one?

This is a simple thing that anyone can do that does not cost them anything.

Okay, now let me tell you why we do this. I’ve said it a millions times before that over 50% of our job is getting our feet in the door and then getting the client to think about something that they don’t want to think about. This will also give us a chance to see if they have life insurance and with whom. Many of the clients will not even remember the company’s name that have it with and this gives you a chance to review their coverage and even find them a better deal, or upgrade their policy. I love reviewing client’s policies. Maybe they bought it from someone that just got their lic and didn’t know what they were selling them or something that is not what they truly need. I also call this Preaching to the Choir. I love finding people that already have life insurance. I don’t have to talk them into the fact that they need it, but that I have a better deal for them or something better.

Another thing is we are taking care of EVERYTHING, which will help their family when they die. Life insurance is a tool that we use to help do this.

We have a service where we can call you 6 pallbearers before you die to let them know that you have chosen them to be ball bearer and make sure they are okay with this. This gives the agent a chance to talk to the friend or family member of the loved one and see if anyone has ever help them with this type of service also. This will give you more people to go see next.

I strongly believe in Life Insurance, Wills, Living wills and other tools. But what good is it if your family doesn’t know about it, or where to find it. We need to fill in some gaps of protection with this system.

You can make changes to the kit if you like. Customize it to fit your market and clients.


Matt Rosenthal





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