FundRaiser Coupon Card Prospecting Idea

This Prospecting idea is simple and could help a few agents increase their sales. This idea will get  you in front of a lot of prospects and won't cost you a lot of money to follow up on. If you are low on expense money and want to try something, then this is a good idea for you.

Have you ever seen those little discount coupon cards that Youth Departments at Church or School or Fund Raisers sell for $5 to $10?




 coupon card


Most restaurants and businesses are struggling today to stay in business and they need more business. They are spending lots money on advertising to bring in more customers. Also, Youth Depts/Groups need money and are doing all types of fundraisers where they don't make a very big profit.

Most of the restaurants are willing to give you a 10% coupon if you tell them what you are doing and how you will do the work for them and they don't have to pay for the printing or anything. You can also find some other businesses that will give you a discount on their products or services.


You would be surprised at how many little ads you can fit onto a coupon book the size of a business card. You can also place a copyright on the booklet that you make.
My 1st couple of years in this business all I did was target new homeowners and I persuaded businesses to give those new home owners free discounts and feee merchandise  that I brought to them.  I was like the Welcome Committee for new home owners. Clients loved the coupon books and free gifts. But let me get back to the idea.


My sons are both scouts and were always selling popcorn or something to raise money for the scouts. My Youth Dept at my church is always doing car washes and things to raise money too.
What if they could charge $5 a coupon card and it only cost them a nickel to make? They make $4.95 each coupon book they give out. Every Youth Dept and group loves fund raisers that work and brings in substantial money.

The groups that you help will do a lot of the work for you after you set everything up for them. This is a free and easy way to get your ad in front of many prospects, while helping tons of people at the same time. I personally keep this card in my wallet at all times so that I can save a little money when I go out to eat.


Think about all the people you help including yourself. You will get to talk to local business owners and let them know about your services and how you are there to help people. What if you raise $1,000 for a Youth Dept  scouts or any charity? All those parents will know who you are and what you did to help them. The more people you get in front of, the better chances you have.


You own these cards and allow people to use them. So you decide what goes on the cards. Of course you are going to add your free services to the cards or something that you come up with.


You will end up approaching businesses, churches, parents, and support groups. This will help you get past what I call the gateway keepers at businesses.


You can also have as many of these cards as you want to hand out as a prospecting tool or gift to your clients. You can go door to door or do whatever to pass out these cards. You can also put these cards with something else that you are handing out.



Here is just one place you can use to make them, if you can't find a cheaper or better place. You may even talk a local printing company into making this cards for free or at a discount, because it is for a charity fundraiser. Most printing companies will not charge a lot for these type of cards.


Matt Rosenthal





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