Let me start off by saying that this system has to be done with the right heart, spirit and reasons. If you just want to make money off this system it will not work for you and I can’t help you.


This is the “Living Memorial Gift Plan” Prospecting System. Your legacy of giving can live on through a program designed to maximize every penny. You can financially support your Church even beyond your lifetime through the Living Memorial Gift Plan. By purchasing an affordable Life Insurance Plan, and naming your church as beneficiary, your church can benefit when you pass on.


Over 25% of all the churches in the U.S.A. got started by someone giving them the money to start the church. Many of those people left the money through their death. A church is a business. When the cash flow stops, so does the church. There are several churches within 2 miles of my office up for sale right now. Tithing is down and several churches can not afford to stay running. It takes money to run and to grow a church.


We have created a system to help churches stay in business and also grow.


Every pastor in the back of their mind right now is thinking about how to grow his church, save more souls and how to stay in business. That is every pastor’s main goal. Don’t get me wrong, it takes a lot more then just money to grow a church but money is necessary.


Most church people love their “Home Church” and want to see it never close or anything bad every happen to it and also everyone wants to be part of something good.


In most average size churches at least 2 people a year die. Think about if every member just had a $5,000 life policy that they left to the church upon their death. Let me stop and tell you what a pastor or someone could do with just $5,000 to grow a church.


Let me show you an example of what could be done with just $5,000


  1. Radio ad  <Click Here to download> This ad cost me $350 a month. Let’s start off with 3 months. $1050
  2. Door Hangers     10,000 door hangers for $299 with free shipping from Door Hangers.com Also pay the Youth Department $100 to put them out for you.
  3. Postcards from Outreach.com. They have everything that you need to do a great mailing in your local area telling people about your church. Price does vary, but let’s put $1,500 into this. I would target people that just moved into a new home and are looking for a new church.
  4. NewsPaper Ad’s  Lets put $300 into this.
  5. BillBoard  $1200 
  6. Flyers    $500   Just to hand out.


Just to review we have our ad on the radio, in the newspaper, on a billboard, on people’s doors and also through local postcards.  We have spent less than $5,000.


We are trying to get people thinking about and talking about the church. Everywhere they turn they will see the church info. You are using a ton of different types of media coverage to promote the church.


How many new visitors do you think the church will get from all of the above? How many new members do you think they will get? How many of the new members will contribute and tithe?


Let’s just take a guess. I would think at least 50 new visitors would contribute. At least 10 new members and at least 2 new tithers. You can play with the numbers. But let’s just go with these to get the brain to thinking.  How much do you think the 2 new tithers will bring in each year? So what we have done is advertised for the church, got new visitors and members and new tithers.


It takes new members and tithers to maintain and grow a church. To get new members it takes money.


Let me get back to the system again. Every pastor in the world is thinking about how to get more vistors/member/tithers into his church. The problem most of the time is the pastor does not have enough money to do this. They are just getting by.


We want to solve this problem for them. We are going to use the Living Memorial Gift Plan. I think when we get to heaven what is really going to matter is how we treated everyone, who we helped, how we love others and how we did His work (The Great Commission). I want to be able to hear “Well done you faithful servant, come on in.”


Most churches not only need money for an outreach program, but also just to keep going. Many need nurseries and other things. I’ve always said you either have a nursing home or a nursery at a church.


We are trying to make things happen for our church. We want to be a part of something big and do GOD’s work. If everyone had just a $5,000 policy in this church and left it to the church what would happen? Do you think they could use the money? Would even a $1,000 policy make a difference? Just think about a $100,000 policy.  On the top of our list should be God and family, but often they end up on the bottom of the list. It does not matter what amount of coverage the client buys, they are buying into a vision and a plan.


Each giver will be given a Certificate that will hang somewhere in the church and upon their death will get a nice Plague. You can even allow them to decide where the money will go in the church if the pastor wishes to. Like outreach, world missions, youth department, new bus, or anything.


I highly recommend that you tithe off of the commissions that you make from this or use 10% to start funding some of these above ideas. After they start to see new members and visitors, more and more will want to talk with you. You can also talk to them about buying protection for their loved ones.


I  grew up going to Kincaid United Methodist church as a child. When Mr Kincaid died, he left money to buy our church. Think about how many life’s, including my own that he changed, even after he had passed.  He will be remembered forever and what good he did by doing this gift of love.


I want to be remembered like he is today. I can’t tell you what the man did for a living or what kind of a car he drove, but I can tell you that he loved the lord and he changed my life for the better.


If the person only leaves $1000 to the church they can be in this program and help toward the goal. Everyone can buy at least $1,000. Just think what 50 cent a day would do.


We want to help pastors grow their churches and we use Life Insurance to do it. The 1st person that should buy a policy is the pastor to show the rest of the church that he believes in this system.


We already have client piece on this idea and they have already been approved by UHL. Click Here to Download


When the Atlanta Aquarium was being built to help raise money they were selling bricks with your name on it for $150 each. They sold thousands of these. People wanted to be a part of it and have their name there forever. I can’t tell you much about my great grandfather, but I can tell you all day long about how good Mr Kincaid was to help us with our church. His name will be remembered forever and for the good that he done.


Every Pastor in the world wants to keep their church going, get new members, save more souls and do good things for GOD.  We can help them reach this goal.


Someone does not have to die to get this plan working. If you tithe off your commissions and use them to get the project started, the church will see what good things you are doing and more people will enroll. First person that needs to buy a policy for the church is the pastor to show he believes in the project. We want to get ever member into this vision that will work. Most members can at least afford 50 cent a day to do this. Even if you only left the church $1,000 it would help.


This system will not work for you, if you don’t have the right heart for it. This system is not for everyone. But for a few of you, this system will help you and the churches around you.




You can listen to the radio ad that I made to bring in new members into the church.



Matt Rosenthal





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