Let me tell you something I did that worked for me and may work for you.

I went to Sam’s Club and bought some Deer Creek small water bottles. I used size 5160 Avery Labels that had my basic info on it, and stuck them to the water bottles. I then went to the local walking track here in Griffin by the airport. I chose the track because most of the people on the walking track are trying to lose weight or stay healthy, and many are in great shape.

I started walking and had 2 cold water bottles with me at all times. I would walk up to people and offer them a cold bottle of water. Most would accept it from me. I didn’t try to stop them or take much of their time. I learned to do this from the days when we use to give water bottles out and invite people to come visit our church.

I would just simply tell them because they are out here walking/exercising and maybe just lost some weight that they can get a discount on life insurance. Would they like to see what type of a rate that I can offer them?

Example: One lady had just lost over 40 pounds. She went from a table 2 to Preferred. If someone had given her a quote before the weight lost, she would have been quoted a table 2 instead of her new class.

One lady was super healthy and it was hard to keep up with her pace. After asking her what kind of health she was in, I knew she would be Super Preferred.

There are all different kinds of underwriting classes depending on your health and weight. So I believe that the people out walking on a walking track might be able to get a discount on their life insurance because they are in a better class of underwriting.

I was able to get 3 appointments within 2 hours of walking and giving out about $6.00 worth of water.

I’ve always said it is all about seeing the people. You have to get out and be seen and interact with people. My goal was to do some walking, spend a little bit of money and see if I could set some appointments.



Matt Rosenthal





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