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After having a heart attack, stoke or getting cancer do you want a get well card or a check?

While getting many or some get well cards is nice, it won't pay the bills. How would a check for $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $75,000 or $100,000 help you?

The truth is that most people don't die after having a heart attack, stoke or getting cancer. Even if you have the best health insurance in the world, you will still have a deductible to pay and other expenses that you may not be considering. Such as you will be out of work and will not be receiving a pay check or your income will go down.

What I want to do is to send you a check from the insurance company, instead of a get well card. I want to make sure if you get one of the following conditions, A,B,C,D, ect, that you will receive a check from ABC COMPANY. Let me help you determine how much you will need if one of these conditions happens to you.

The get well card or check idea works on many different products. D.I. , C.I. or maybe even health insurance.

My mother has had 3 heart attacks. You may ask how she is still alive. She told me the other day that she should be dead after having just one heart attack. The biggest problem is the fact that she didn't die. She has plenty of life insurance. But the question is how much insurance she has besides health insurance, to cover the expenses of having a heart attack. She was out of work for over 3 month with little income. She had to see 3 different doctors that all were far away. She had great health insurance, but it didn't cover everything. She had an 80/20 plan and had a deductible. The bills started pilling in all at the same time and the company didn't understand that fact that she could not work and just had a heart attack.

To make this short, would a check or a get well card had helped her? What I'm selling is protection and a check.

I just wrote this up in a hurry to show you. This is not the letter that I send to my clients. Many insurance companies will give you something to send to the clients promoting these kinds of products, but I would also use this with it. I want to show you the idea and you can make it your own. I'm trying to just show you the concept of the idea.

How many people do you know that could have used a check instead of a get well card?





Matt Rosenthal





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