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We believe you will find… AA will have The Best 10, 15, 20 & 30-Year NON-MED “Terms-Made-Simple” (TMS) sold today when you consider (1) the Rates, (2) Short 4-page paper App or E-App, (3) EZ issue & (4) Commissions! Non-Med issued Standard to table 4 (No Exam, Blood or Urine)    Issues $50,000 to $400,000 for ages “LAST”  18-75. Those who qualify with weight & 1 more question can receive “Preferred” (‘True Std’) Non-Med rates! Even an age 75 can qualify for $400,000 NON-MED Term.  OPTIONAL: make TMS sales WITHOUT seeing the applicant on short paper app ATTACHED… or new “E” app (found on AA website).

IMPORTANT: There is a “price break/banding” at $250,000 and up.  There could be times when it costs LESS to purchase a $250,000 policy than a $235,000 smaller policy.  Do the Math.  Issues to $400,000 thru age 75.  We believe you will also find.

  • AA has a SHORT 4-5 page Non-Med Term & UL Apps! Compare to other carriers with apps 16-24 pages.

·         Issued age last or current 18-75GREAT COMMISSIONS including policy fee! 

  • Clients who pay Term Premiums ANNUALLY save almost 1-month of premiums EVERY year.   
  • Superb riders include ROP, DI (60-day elimination period, NOT 90-days like most companies), Unemployment WP …and CI (25%, 50% & 100% options).  Other riders include WP, CTR and ADB.  Some riders, such as ROP on the new “Terms Made Simple” are NOT yet approved in some states but should be available shortly. If ROP is desired for immediate sales please sell the AA EZ Term or Mortgage Terms that have ROP.
  • For NO Additional Premium, a Confined Care Rider (aka: Nursing Home Benefit) is included in all Term & UL sales. This pays the insured each month up to $5,000 a month when permanently confined.   A great “NO Additional Cost” benefit that CLOSES MANY SALES.


  Other Great AA “Agent-Friendly” features…

  • FAST issues (2 to 3-days) for applicants who “truthfully” answer all the health questions and complete PHI (when required).
  • Wow… 100% Accelerated Death Benefit included for all policies! Most companies are 50% to 75%!
  • Don’t forget about AA Final Expense and EZ UL sales which are also outstanding with GREAT commissions.
  • AA’s great annual Conventions (aka ‘Paid Vacations). Don’t miss the next one to BARCELONA, SPAIN in 2017!


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