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Some of Mark Rosenthal's Prospecting Ideas

mark's ideas


Work Your Existing Clients

Be sure and work your existing clients each year and keep in touch with them.

I send my clients a birthday card every year. Two weeks after their birthday, I call them on the phone. I ask them if they got my birthday card that I sent to them and then ask them if they need to update their existing polices. Example, did you recently buy a new home, get married or remarried, have a baby, or need to change your existing beneficiaries, and then I offer some of my new free services. I offer them a free credit report each year and tell them about anything else that I'm offering.

They sometimes tell me that I'm the only one that remembers their birthdays and calls to check on them every year.

Agent's make a big mistake of never contacting the clients again after they sell them.


You Don't Sell Insurance. You Answer Questions.

Most of the clients don't understand insurance and it is your job to explain it to them.

I know of some agents that are teaching seniors about all the different kinds of insurance and then offering their services to them at the end.

Instead of asking do you need to talk to an agent about buying insurance, ask them if they need to talk to an agent about answering some of their questions about insurance.

I want to ask you something but not buy something. That is what a lot of clients think. If you educate them on insurance and why they need it, then they will buy it. It is that simple.

In school I could learn by the book or looking on the internet on many subjects. But a lot of time, I would just go direct to the teacher and ask them to explain it to me. This applies to clients and agents also.

I'm even thinking about making up a survey on a website for the clients to answer and testing them on their answers. The wrong answers would come up after the survey/test and tell them what the correct answers are in my opinion and then of course advertise my services.

Service and teach the client and do what is best for them and it will always pay off in the long run.

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