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A Cold Calling Technique


Most of the time when agents are cold calling they start off by telling the client their name and who they are with but, I want you to rethink this and try to not to start off telling them who you are.

We say things like “Hey, this is Mark Rosenthal with Rosenthal Financial Services.”

Let me tell you what the client hears. Hey you don’t know me but I’m trying to sell you something. It is those first couple of seconds they will decide to hang up on you or listen to you.

I’ve notice that if you don’t tell them who you are in the beginning they stay on the phone longer and listen more to you to figure out who you are.

One of the scripts that I use is “Is Mary there? Hey Mary, I’m going to be in your area this week helping some of your neighbors with a free $1,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment policy and free living will kit and wanted to see if I could stop by and help you also. I’m Mark Rosenthal a local insurance agent and I would love to meet you and help you.



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Matt Rosenthal





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