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Prospecting on Forums


1st I’m not talking about Insurance Agent Forums.


Every subject you can think of has a forum these days. You all know how they work and how addicting they can become. Just do a google search on forums and you will see thousands of them on every topic.


My wife is a member on a forum about dog grooming of all things. She just sold a policy from the forum.


It is all about getting your name out and helping to answer questions.


http://www.smileysupply.com/insurance/   Here is my example. This is just one of a ton of forums that I found while playing online. This forum has just about every subject that you can think of, including insurance.  As you will see there are clients asking insurance question and begging for someone to answer their questions. Why not join the forums and build up a reputation and help answer questions.


I play on a ton of non insurance forums also. But I’m keep finding myself talking about insurance to clients on the forum and I want to share this goldmine with you.


I would not show up to any forum and just start spamming, Hey, I sell Insurance and you need to buy it. But introduce yourself and talk about whatever the subjects are about and get to know people and then start telling people what you do and promoting your services.


Okay, now that I’m sharing some of my goldmine with you. Stay off the forums for motorcycle riders. I’m working that one as we speak and I want all of them to myself.


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