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Crazy Idea that can work

Visit some local pharmacies that are not chains, but are locally owned. Ask to speak to the owner. Ask the owner if the bags that they placed the prescriptions in cost them anything. Offer to give them these bags for free. You will even place their logo on the front of the bag like it was on their own bags. These bags cost the local pharmacy money. They can go through an average of 20 to 100 bags a day that will cost you on average of 5 to 10 cent a bag. The owner will ask you what the catch is and why are you offering to give them these bags for free. Tell the owner all you want to do is place a small advertisement on the back of the bag that is offering life insurance to their clients. (A very small ad)

I can spend hours telling you what to place on the advertisement on the bag. Just one idea is have you had a heart attack, stroke or cancer and been told you can’t buy life insurance, then I can help you. You can offer them a guaranteed graded benefit product. You don’t have to pay a higher life insurance premium just because you take a daily prescription for a condition.

This lead system could put you in front of a great market/niche and could cost you very little per paper bag.

You can even use the same printing company that they are already using, and just tell them you will cover the cost, if you can just add your advertisement.

This is just an idea that you can try and see if it works for you. I think the bags cost like 5 cent a bag when you buy a ton of them. I have spent tons of money on bad leads before, and think this would be worth trying. Again let me say this would not work in chains, like Walmart. Also this may work for more then just Life Insurance.

Work in involved with this idea. You will have to find a local pharmacies and talk the owner into allowing you to do this. Then you will have to find a cheap printing company and invest some money. I use to say I wish I could find people that takes meds everyday and can't buy life insurance or are getting rated up. This is one way of doing this.

http://www.imagevelocity.com/index.asp?pharmacy-bags=rx-bags <--- I found this link also that may help you on this idea.

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