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You don't sell insurance, you sell yourself.

This is important and you will hear me say this a lot. I want to drill this into your head.

You don't sell insurance. You sell yourself and your services. You sell the fact that you want to help them.

My father told me this when I first got in the business. He also told me that I should be able to run for mayor and win. He told me that everyone should know my name and what I do.

Always put the clients needs first and everything will fall into place. Your name/reputation is very important in this business. I for one have worked very hard to make my name famous for helping people. I try and sell myself everyday. I want people to say, that Mark Rosenthal is that guy that will help you. I want people to talk good about me. I'm not here trying to brag about myself, but to show you a point. I want you to do the same thing that I'm doing. You help everyone that you can help and it will come back and reward you in ways you can't understand. I've done free living wills on many clients that didn't buy any life insurance, but I didn't care. But later, that person would recommend my services to someone else that bought the insurance or would tell everyone in the world about me.

I want to see your name everywhere. I want to see your name all over the web. Maybe have a blog, website, or join something stupid like ehow.com. I want you to give out business cards like crazy. I want to see a car magnet on your car. If you ever get out of the insurance business, I want you to be able to run for mayor and win.

Example, I have a guy named David Brock in Griffin. Everyone in Griffin knows him. He is the state farm guy. He is on the cover of the phone book. He is on the billboard. He comes to my kids school to bring gifts. He is at the fair. I see his car magnet all the time. He sponsors every sport game there is. Wow, I sound jealous don't I? The man could run for mayor and win. David Brock is the insurance man in Griffin. I'm trying to stress this important point.

Do people even know that you sell insurance for a living? Mark Rosenthal = Insurance. If you talk to Mark Rosenthal, you will hear the words insurance come up.

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