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Don't Eat Your Seeds

It would be stupid for a farmer to eat his seeds as food. Even if the farmer is hungry or starving he should not eat his seed.

I see some agents eating their seeds and having nothing to plant or harvest later. Every time you make some money selling insurance, put some of it away as seeds. You need seeds that you can plant later, to harvest another crop. You should always be planting your seeds.

It takes money to make money in this business. If you have no money to invest in this business, you will not survive for long.

I know some of you are behind on bills and need to spend every cent that you make trying to get caught up. BUT, it is also important to take some of the money to reinvest in your business. You always want to have some money aside to put back in your business.

I just wanted to give you something to think about.



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Matt Rosenthal





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