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Try doing this!

I want you to give out at least 10 business cards a day to people you run into on the street or public. You are going to have to stop and pump gas sooner or later and you will be around others doing the same thing, or in line somewhere waiting on something. Just walk up to them and say something like “Here is my card, if you ever need my services then just give me a call” Just keep it simple.

Let’s say you buy 500 business cards from vistaprint
 for $2.99. If just 1 person out of 500 people called you and/or bought something from you, would it not be worth it to try this?

I’ve seen it as good as 1 out of 100. Image 5 leads for $2.99.

I try and put a ton of free stuff on my cards to get them to call me.

Free Credit Report, Free Prescriptions Assistance, Policy reviews, Free living wills, Financial planning, Insurance, etc

This is a very simple thing that you can try and if you get no results, you will only be out of $2.99 and it will at least give you something to try.

Vistaprint is a great company to get business cards from.. They give away a lot of free stuff also.

I had Jury Duty Yesterday and even thought I looked crazy, I handed everyone my card. Everyone was talking about what they do for a living and who they were, so I thought why not.

It is little simple things like this that can work.

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