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This is meant for the p & c agents that also have a life insurance license.

I'm going to show you how to cross market you clients. We are going to be working your existing clients. My idea is to sell the accidental death product to your p & c clients.

I'm going to use me as an example. I'm an avg car insurance client. I spend over $350.00 a month on my car insurance to insure if I have a car accident, that the car insurance company will fix my car. I have the coverage because I'm worried protecting my cars. People have wrecks all the time. I see a car accident just about everyday. I'm worried to death that I could be in a car accident. That is why I always wear my seatbelt and buy some of the safest cars on the market.

Let's review; I'm spending over $350.00 a month to protect my car in case I have a car wreck. But if I stop and think about it, I need to protect something besides my car if I have a car wreck. I need to make sure that my family is protected in case I don't come home from the car accident. I need someone to remind me that my family also needs protecting from car accidents. People dye everyday in car accidents. But we get so use to see them, that we don't think anything of it. My brother Chuck was 26 years old when he died in a car accident.

If I'm willing to spend $350.00 a month on car insurance to protect my car, why not spend $22.79 a month to protect my family from the car accident? Makes sense after I put it that way doesn't it? In like car insurance, if I don't need the protection, I will get all of my money back in 20 years.

The clients already know who are you and you are already helping them. I have came up with a short sample letter that you could send to your clients that reminds them that they need to also protect their family members and not just their cars.

Dear Valuable client.

I would like to start off by thanking you for you business. If you ever need anything, just let me know.

I would like to also thank you for trusting me to insure your car and making sure that if you have a car accident that I will be there to help you and protect you.

But I would like to do more then just protect your car in the event you have an auto accident and don't come home from it. You already trust me to protect you automobile, but I want you to also trust me to protect your family from the same car accident.

For just $22.79 a month or $245.00 a year, I can give you $100,000 day one coverage that will increase at least $5,000 a year for 20 years. It will end up doubling to $200,000 in year 20. I hope that you will never need this coverage, and the great thing about this plan is that if you don't need the coverage within 20 years, at the end of 20 years we will give you all of your money back.

I hope that you will never need this extra protection, but if you do, I will be there to help protect your family from this wreck. I hope that you will never need this protection.

Look at it this way, if you never use this coverage, you will get all of your money back.

This coverage also covers all accidentally deaths.

I also have normal life insurance polices that cover your family no matter how you die.


I'm not saying that you should copy my letter word for word. This is a fast rough draft that gives you the idea.

Mail this to all of your clients. If nothing else you are thanking them for their business and reminding them that you are in the insurance business.

I'm going to end my idea here. I don't want to bore the people that are not p and c agents.

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Matt Rosenthal





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