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Buying on Emotions

The fact is that no one wants to stop and think about death or dying. They don't want to think about what is going to happen to their families if they don't come home. I for one don't like thinking about not being here for my family. I would rather think that nothing is ever going to happen to me. I like going to bed at night, believe that I will wake up the next day and everything will be okay. I like to think that I will never get have a heart attack, stroke, or get disabled. In order to get me in the right buying mood, you are going to have to get me emotional and thinking about my family.

Let me give you an example. I just bought a French bulldog puppy. The dog cost me $1,500 bucks. I didn't need or want a dog. I can't afford a dog right now at that price. But a friend that sales dogs brought one over to my family and used emotions to sale me this dog. Within 5 mins, my kids were asking me if we could have it and my wife was already falling in love with the dog. I love my wife and kids and would do anything in the world for them. I sold one of my four wheelers and bought the dog. I got emotional and got to thinking about the wife and kids. I loved it when I told them we were getting the dog.

You ask me what this story has to do with buying insurance. It has a lot to do with it.

I'm an avg person. Sometimes you have to make the client get emotional and think about their family, in order to get them to buy life insurance. I would have never bought that dog on my own. We have to get the client to think about something they really don't want to think about. Most of them think it will never happen to them and we have to remind them that it can.

The main reason I bought life insurance, is that I wanted to be able to tell my wife that if I die that her and the kids will be taken care of. I would give up anything in the world for them. I put my life insurance bill on the top of my list because I know it is important to have.

I carry all of my life insurance polices that I bought on myself and my wife with me on all of my life sales. I could spend an hour on why I do this, but trust me, it helps.

I try and make all of my sales personal and share with them some of my life stories. Most of my clients love to share their stories with me. We always talk about their family members and what matters the most to them.

I just wanted to share this random thought I had after buying this dog.

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Matt Rosenthal





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