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It is a Numbers Game

I've got to tell you a story about how a panhandler on the street helped me to learn to sell more insurance.

My father and I were staying at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. We woke up one morning and look at the window and saw a cheap breakfast place that looked like it was just 5 mins away. It turned out to be over a hour walk away.

So we get to walking to the Denny's and on the way I saw what I thought at first was a homeless man holding a sign and asking people for money. The man's sign said why lie, I need more for beer. We had been walking for about 45 mins and I could not walk anymore. I decided to give the man $5.00 bucks. So I rested right next to him and started talking with him. I asked him if he was homeless and he laughed at me. He said he lived in a mansion. I was shocked by his answer. I asked him why don't he get a real job and he told me that this was his real job, that this was his full time job and he made lots of money doing it. There were tons of people walking up and down the strip and I noticed that for every 30 people that he asked for money, that at least 1 would stop and give him money. What if I changed places with him and instead of asking people for money, I just ask them if they need to talk about Life Insurance?

I started thinking about this more and more. If I simply would just ask random people if they would need to talk about protecting their families with Life Insurance, how many would I have to ask before one say yes. I would think that if I just asked 100 people that at least 1 of them would say yes. We all see people all day long out in public.

This simple idea can work, the more people you ask the more chances someone will want to talk to you about insurance. Start giving out those business cards and start asking everyone you see about life insurance. How many people do you see a day that you don't simply give a business card to or ask them if they need to talk about insurance?

I look at every stranger I see in public like a lottery ticket. I can't win if I don't play. The more tickets I purchase the more chances I have of winning. I only need to win one time to make a sale and these tickets are free.

I challenge you to start doing this. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Don't wait on someone to knock on your door and want to buy life insurance. Get out there and start asking people about insurance.

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Matt Rosenthal





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