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Fake Money in a Briefcase Idea 

Image if all the life insurance agents carry around a briefcase of fake money. What if I had $500,000 in fake bills and ask my clients if this was real money, and you just lost your husband or a family member. Could you use this money? Help me make this money real. We can make this money real by buying a life insurance policy. What did you say? You need less or more money then $500,000. Well let's figure out how much money you will need one day and make this money become real when you need it.

Have the client start playing with the fake money and both of you spend it. Go through the money. Okay, we will need $180,000 for the house and take it out of the briefcase. Next we need $8,000 for the funeral. Now we need to put some aside for the kids to go to college.

I bet the fake money don't last long before you need more. Act like it is real money and see how much the client will need. No one ever stops and thinks about how much they will really need.

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