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Show all of the riders to your clients. Help your clients and increase your premium.


I think a lot of agents are not offering their clients riders when buying life insurance. I think some of the fear is that you have already talked the client into a certain premium and the agent is afraid to ask for any more money. So they simple don't ask about adding riders to policy. I think it is very important to offer all of the riders that the product has to choose from. Show them the riders and explain to them what each of the riders can do to help the client. Some agents only show the Return of Premium Rider and nothing else. Many agents don't show any riders. It is harder for another agent to come and replace your business that has riders attached to it. You will be surprised that some riders do not add that much premium to the cost of the insurance.

I look at it kind of like buying a new car. A new car is nice to have, but after you have decided to buy it, the salesman starts offering you all of the options. G.P.S., dvd players, satellite radio, OnStar and ton of options. I for one added a ton of options to my new van when I bought it. If the car salesman had not offered the options to me, I would have not know about all of the options or picked from them. I'm glad he showed me all of my options and I realized that it would increase my car payment, but I was okay with it.

A client can not pick a rider that the agent does not know about or shows them.

Also do a search on my one egg or two egg post. This has a lot to do with my other post. I don't ask do you want to add riders. I ask which riders you wish to add. There is a difference. I don't ask them if they want one egg or not. I ask them if they want one or two eggs. <--- This will also help with this idea and tell you what I mean by one egg or two.

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