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Do you ever end up with a client that you just know that you not going to close the sale on??

I had this client named Mike T. and I had spent about an hour on him already. We had figured out that his family would need $350,000 if he didn't come home tomorrow. He had agreed with this amount. I came up with a good price, which I can't remember; I think it was about $100.00 a month.

He told me that he knew he needed $350,000 worth of coverage, but he just could not afford it right now.

This guy was not a poor client; he had a brand new bass boat in his front yard and lived in a really nice home. So I thought he just rather spend his money on other things and thought he would just wait until later to buy the insurance that he knew that he needed.

Now I'm going to tell you how I closed the sale.

Whenever you know that you are not going to make the sale it is okay to make the client mad. What do you have to lose at this point? Sometimes by making him mad you can the truth out of him and then overcome his objections.

I thought about attacking him on the fact that I thought he could afford the insurance or asking him if he really loved his family. But I didn't do this with this client. I remember a trick that my father had taught me.

I told Mike that I wanted to talk about some facts.

Mike the fact is that in 5 mins I'm leaving this house. The fact is that you need $350,000 worth of insurance coverage today and you have agreed to this already. The fact is that it cost $100.00 a month for this coverage.

I want to help you make the wisest decision today.

I took a sheet of paper. On one side of the sheet I wrote $350,000 and on the other side I wrote $100.00. I tore the paper in half in front of him.

In 5 mins the fact is that I'm leaving with one of these two sheets of paper. I'm either walking out the door with $350,000 and leaving you with your $100.00 or I'm walking out the door with your $100.00 and leaving you with the $350,000 worth of coverage. These are the facts.

Which is the wisest decision that you could make today? I know you love your family and want to make sure they are protected today in case something ever happens to you. Mike I know $100.00 is a lot of money, but don't you think your family is worth it and you will sleep better tonight knowing that your family is fully protected.

He went and got his check book and wrote me the check.

Mike you made the wisest decision today, and I thank you.

I got two more referrals from Mike and I left with his check in my pocket and one hell of a sales story to tell.

I have used this method a couple of times on clients. Most of the time it works on them.


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Matt Rosenthal





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