We made this page to help you to quickly find tons of lead sources all at once. We hope this helps you.


Direct Mail Leads. Call Chris at 214-440-2537 They are $31 each. His website is www.leadconnection.com

Aged Leads can be found at http://www.rosenthalfiles.com/Cheap-Aged-Leads.html Use promo code  rosenthal to save 10% off.


http://www.phoneburner.com/a/video/greatdeal With it, you'll reach 4x more contacts per hour, AND build a stronger, more engaged pipeline.

In addition to dialing for you, PhoneBurner:

- Eliminates having to listen to voicemail recordings
- Leaves your voicemail for you
- Sends personalized emails for you
- Offers powerful lead filtering for better dial sessions
- Tracks email opens, link clicks, attachment/video views
- Can "retarget" your contacts
- Records calls and tracks individual/team analytics
- Can provide you with Local Caller IDs
- And more

PhoneBurner is the most user-friendly dialer on the market, and it's cloud-based so you can access it from anywhere.

Try it free (no credit card needed):


We can also help with tons of great prospecting ideas like http://rosenthalfiles.com/Simple-Prospecting-Idea-That-Works.html




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