We made this page to help you to quickly find tons of lead sources all at once. We hope this helps you.

$9 Avatar Final Expense Leads. Call Matthew at 770-354-5100 or visit his website at www.theleadjerk.com  Sample of his leads are on http://www.rosenthalfiles.com/Great-Final-Expense-Leads.html

Direct Mail Leads. Call Chris at 214-440-2537 They are $31 each. His website is www.leadconnection.com

Aged Leads can be found at http://www.rosenthalfiles.com/Cheap-Aged-Leads.html Use promo code  rosenthal to save 10% off.

Phone Dialer System  Call 800-662-4009 and tell them promo code frleads or that you want the Rosenthal Discount. You can find them online at http://welcome.salesdialers.com/exclusive_rosenthal

Final Expense Quoting system that will quote all F.E. companies. Fexquotes.com Promo Cole rfs2016 to  save 20% or call them at 800-878-0122. Dont forget you can quote all of our F.E. companies at once  and for free at http://rosenthalfinancialservices.com/ 

Telemarketing Leads at $10 each. 404-448-1616 is their phone number and junalietayag@gmail.com is their email. They prefer that you email them.

Click here to learn about American Amicable free lead system for all R.F.S. contracted agents.

We can also help with tons of great prospecting ideas like http://rosenthalfiles.com/Simple-Prospecting-Idea-That-Works.html


http://www.phoneburner.com/a/greatdeal this is a great tool to have to work list or leads.


We are here to help you and thank you for being a part of R.F.S.



Matt Rosenthal





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