Mark Rosenthal's Repo Man Prospecting System.


I watch a lot of these Repo tv shows. It is a very dangerous job that I don’t think many people can do. All kinds of things can go wrong while trying to take back these cars.


I just saw on the news the other day where a repo man died when the cable broke and killed him.


Here is my idea. You are allowed to call business owners. There is no d.n.c. List on business owners. Repo men are easy to find.  I was able to talk someone at Nissan Financial into giving me a list of some Repo men in my state.


I’m going to start calling them and see if I can offer to give them some life insurance that will pay in the event they die in an accident while at work or anywhere else. If they don’t need the coverage after 20 years, I will return all of their money back.


They all know it is a dangerous job and that they can get hurt or killed.


Several Companies like UHL and soon American Amicable all offer an accidental death policy that will take people like repo men, motorcycle riders, cops, etc.


Not all insurance companies will accept dangerous occupations.


The niche is to go after clients that have what a lot of people don’t. 


Meaning I don’t have to guts to be a repo man, drive a motorcycle or be a fireman. All of these things are dangerous. I believe that if I talk to enough of them, that I will find clients that want to talk to me more about life insurance.


This is a simple idea that I think can work just about anywhere and there are plenty of companies out there that have products for this niche market.



Here is one example of a product that I'm going to use to help them.


uhl injury man


Unintentional Injuries are the 5th Leading
Cause of Death in the United States*
Your Clients' Lives can be Changed without Warning.
How well do you have them protected?
Your Clients Need Accidental Death Protection!
The Accidental Death Protector can help!

  • Guaranteed Issue!** 
  • Premium is Guaranteed Level for the 20-year period! 
  • Return of 20 Annual Premiums in Year 20! 
  • $50,000 of Coverage for only $13.72 per month, regardless of age! - AND - 
  • Coverage Doubles to $100,000 by year 20! 
  • $100,000 of Coverage for only $22.79 per month, regardless of age! - AND -Coverage Doubles to $200,000 by year 20! 
  • Complete List Billing support for business owners! 




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