Meet JoAnn, your personal avatar lead generator. JoAnn never stops!! She keeps going on and on and on just like the energizer bunny but never needs batteries. JoAnn has the voice of an angel that is surely to hook even the most skeptical or discriminating senior and FE prospect.

There is also Sweet Southern Allie who has a sweet country accent that is typical of any southern bell

Leads are $9 each. Minimum order of 25 leads.

We will look at your area to determine the potential for success of each campaign for each agent ordering leads.

**Ages: 50 - 85

**Income: $15 - $55k

**Complete and full recordings provided

**Complete and full spreadsheet with name, address and phone number

Replacements cheerfully given for any lead that does not agree to an agent call

Competitive pricing of only $262.50 for 25 leads.

Lead sample of Joann

Lead sample 2 of Joann


Lead sample of Sweet Southern Allie

Lead sample of Sweet Southern Allie 2


Only availiable to contracted R.F.S. agents. To get contracted click here.

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