New Prospecting System by Mark Rosenthal for a limited number of agents.

I'm working on a new prospecting system. We are targeting people that have money in a bank CD. Either the client is happy with a 2% interest rate or they plan on leaving the money to their heirs. If they are leaving it to their heirs, they are not considering taxes and probate. We can help them with a Single Premium Whole Life Policy that will give them more money in return and the money will avoid probate and taxes.

Example: Jane age 65 Non Smoker has $50,000 in a bank CD that her heirs will pay taxes on and will probably go to probate. If she gives us the money we will turn it into $106,383 that can not be taxed or probated. That is an increase of 43.4% and the money won't be taxed, which is even a better return. This policy comes with beneficial riders also.

Which would you prefer?

$50,000 that your loved ones will pay taxes on, if it does not get taken away from them in probate


$106,383 tax free and will definitely avoid probate ???

Do you see how great this is? We are really helping the clients.

It is nice to prospect for clients that have money that you know you can help. 


Click here for an audio tape my father Greg Rosenthal made on S.P. Prospecting.


The minimum CD holder on the list is $10,000. But most of them are a lot more. Some even have more then one bank CD. You will never make less then $1,000 commissions per sale. All we have to do is show them how we can help them and how their plan is not as good as they think it is and remind them of probate and taxes. It is as simple as more is more and less is less. DO you want more or less? It is that simple.

We have a very targeted list. We not only have the list of bank CD holders, but we can apply filters to the list. We can filter the list by age and income.

Our target is ages 65+ and older and an income of at least $25,000.

The 2nd kind of CD's holder is the client that is happy with a low interest rate on their CD. We will present this prospect with annuities. We can offer them a much higher return on their money. Again more is more and less is less. American Amicable does have the Bonus Master Annuity that you should look at that offers a higher interest rate than the banks offer.


You can purchase the list of bank cd holders at http://www.wsponton.com/ 



SPWL sales are easy to learn and we have a lot of info on them.

I'm not an annuity expert. Matter of fact, I've only presented a handful in my life. But I know they are a lot better than bank CD's. What I'm personally doing is if I have someone that wants an annuity , I send one of my agents to them that knows a lot about annuities and I split the commissions with them.



Matt Rosenthal





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