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Existing Clients Audio Tape

Be sure and work your existing clients each year and keep in touch with them.

I send my clients a birthday card every year. One month after their birthday, I call them on the phone. I ask them if they need kind of policy changes or to modify their beneficaries. Example, did you recently buy a new home, get married or remarried, have a baby, or need to change your existing beneficaries, and then I offer some of my new free services. I offer them a free credit report each year and tell them about anything else that I'm offering.

They sometimes tell me that I'm the only one that remember their birthdays and calls to check on them every year.

Agent's make a big mistake of never contacting the clients again after they sell them.
Declines Audio Tape
We all will have declines and this will also teach you how to prospect for clients in poor health. We do have companies and product that will take 95% of the clients that you will find. 
I hope you enjoy this tape. 
Single Premium Audio Tape 
This will give you some ideas on how to sell a single Premium Whole Life Policy. I use this idea to sell a ton of Single Premium policies. 
Mistakes of a Car Salesman Tape 
You need to listen to this audio tape, it will help you with listening to your clients needs. 
Client's That Already Have Insurance Tape 
What Do I DO For A Living Tape 
This is a Prospecting Trick that will help you. How many times does someone ask you what you do for a living. Here is a nice trick. 
HomeStead Exemption Tape 
This is one of my new tapes that I think will help you prospect to more clients. Please read and listen to the tape. This works in my state but I'm not sure if it works in every state the same way. 

I'm going to tell you a way to get your foot in the door and help clients while you are at it.

(Press play and give it 5 seconds before it will start playing.)
Do You Want a Get Well Card or A Paycheck Prospecting Tape 
This Tape will teach you how to use a C.I. product to approach business owners. This is a great niche market right now. 
Niche Marketing 
I did this training the other day and this is one of my fav ones. Be sure and listen to it.
Here is another Tape you can download. I didn't another Niche Marketing training class.
We will be adding more Audio Tapes Later. I hope you enjoy these. 


Matt Rosenthal





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